Yesterday saw the launch of the new BBC Three comedy Hounslow Diaries – recently lauded as part of a new wave of bold female-driven drama being commissioned across the UK in a recent article in the Guardian.

Written by Ambreen Razia (who also stars as lead character Shadeeba) and directed by acclaimed director Nida Manzoor, Hounslow Diaries draws on Razia’s experiences as a muslim girl growing up in West London, with the pilot featuring Production Design by Ashling Johnson.

Also praised is the Northern Irish comedy series Derry Girls – the first season of which was shot by director of photography Oli Russell. The brainchild of writer Lisa McGee whose earlier work includes London Irish, Derry Girls‘ fresh humour and setting was a runaway success when it aired earlier this year.

Cited as a trailblazer in her field as both a writer and actor, Phoebe Waller Bridge’ take on the spy genre – Killing Eve – starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer proved immensley popular both in the UK and in the US. Season Two recently wrapped shooting, as shot by Director of Photography Damian Bromley.









Juliet, Naked is released across the United Kingdom tomorrow – Friday 2nd November.

Designed by Production Designer Sarah Finlay, the Jesse Peretz directed romantic comedy stars Rose Byrne, Chris O’Dowd and Ethan Hawke.

Byrne stars as Juliet, who living in a small English seaside town lives with her boyfriend Duncan, played by O’Dowd as a college teacher harbouring a near-obsession with obscure 90s musician Tucker Crowe – Hawke – who disappeared decades earlier. When Juliet opts to criticise online recently unearthed bootleg demos of Crowes, the artist himself unexpectedly gets in contact, triggering a transatlantic romance.








Production Designer Tom Gander designs a series of spots for the BBC and TV Licensing.

We see a city worker in his office frantically but unnecessarily trying to convince his colleague to not shred; a bunch of kids talking ghouls and urban myths as a neighbour sorts his TV Licence on his mobile; and a pastiche of a bygone era where you can purchase a licence online… #paperless is the message.

The pastiche is a studio build, referencing both the reality and its reverse in its connotation of “Dynasty / Dallas” and all that falls in-between. Instead of polishing the veneer of the library so it settles into the build, this and a variety of other designs remain incomplete, resulting in a ‘fake’ newness very much aligned with ’80s / ’90s TV.

Directed by Ollie Parsons this series of commercials is airing now.











The nominations for the 2018 British Independent Film Awards (BIFAs) were released today, with several feature films featuring work from Wizzo & Co HoDs recognised.


Director of Photography Franklin Dow shot the acclaimed feature documentary Evelyn from director Orlando Von Einsiedel – nominated in the category of Best Documentary.

Evelyn focuses on the personal experience of director Einsiedel and his family, one decade on from the trauma of his brother’s suicide. Through visiting landscapes he loved, they attempt to address openly their loss – the beauty of the British landscape standing in contrast to enduring the heartbreak at the heart of the film.


Also nominated was director Sebastian Lelio’s drama Disobedience – featuring Production Design from Sarah Finlay – which received four nominations, including Best Screenplay, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor.

In Disobedience, Rachel Weisz plays New Yorker Ronit Krushka who travels to London on the death of her estranged father, returning to the community that shunned her decades earlier for her attraction to Esti (Rachel McAdams) – their reunion unearthing questions of faith and sexuality.


Dead In A Week (Or Your Money Back) was nominated for Best Effects – shot by director of photography Luke Bryant and the directorial debut writer-director Tom Edmunds.

A black comedy, Dead In A Week centres on the woes of William (Aneurin Barnard), who enlists the services of ageing hitman Leslie (Tom Wilkinson) – the pair entering into a contract guaranteeing death within seven days, just as William unexpectedly discovers a reason to live.
















Next Monday sees the launch of Hounslow Diaries on the BBC iPlayer.

Directed by Nida Manzoor and featuring Production Design from Ashling Johnson, the comedy centres around three Muslim teenage girls living in West London.

Determined to live it up on a ritzy night out on the West End, Shadeeba (played by writer and creator Ambreen Razia) alongside her friends Tash and Leonie (Mandeep Dhillon and Robyn Cara) attempt to circumvent their lack of cash through a unique opportunity by way of her sister’s never-ending wedding preparation…

Hounslow Diaries will be available to view on iPlayer and YouTube from 10am on Monday 5 November.








Cinematographer Luke Bryant wraps feature The Fall this week, shot on location in Brazil and directed by Diego Rocha.

Luke returns to the UK for a variety of drama work as well as the cinema release of his feature Dead In A Week (Or Your Money Back) directed by Tom Edmunds and starring Tom Wilkinson.

The Royal Albert Hall will hold a special, Q&A screening this Sunday 28.10.18 in the Elgar Room – TICKETS.

Soon to air drama shot by Luke includes Urban Myth: Johnny Cash & the Ostrich directed by Al Campbell.
















Cinematographer Ben Magahy worked on this spot for Huawei, directed by Tim Brown (1st Avenue Machine).

Airing during the X Factor high profile ad break, Huawei analyse the ease of this device that empowers its users thus enabling them to float above the competition…

Ben soon heads to Wales to shoot a short film before heading back to London to join another short whose narrative supports the ‘times up’ movement.











Featuring Costume Design by Grace Snell and Make Up Design by Emma Croft, VS. has been dubbed the ‘8 Mile of Southend’.

VS. is a rite of passage drama following a troubled teenager who in moving in with new foster parents in an English seaside town soon finds himself at the centre of a its tough and tight knit rap battle world, emerging as an unlikely champion grappling with his past.

VS. has received rave reviews including 4 stars from The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw who credits VS. as a movie with ‘flair and force’.


Cinematographer Diana Olifirova’s latest promo for musician Tom Misch goes live, directed by Joshua Osborne.

Filmed in a recording studio the creative revolves around the space with the vibrancy of the room highlighted by Diana’s work. De La Soul feature via a timely TV set that reminds us of analogue but simultaneously screams modernity.

Alongside this release, Diana’s short film Leash directed by Harry Lighton continues its festival run playing tomorrow at the BFI LFF in the Real Horror Show section… it’s less horror more drama, but that becomes clear.













This Saturday 13th saw the world premiere of the feature film VS., featuring Costume Design by Grace Snell and Hair & Make Up by Designer Emma Croft.

The directorial debut of Ed Lilly, VS. is a rite of passage drama following a troubled teenager who moving in with new foster parents in an English seaside town soon finds himself at the centre of a its tough and tight knit rap battle world, emerging an unlikely champion grappling with his past.

Currently screening as part of the BFI London Film Festival, VS. is set for a wider release across the UK later this month.