Recently Netflix released viewing figures for 2 dramas currently streaming worldwide on their platform, the Penn Badgley drama You being one of them, which was shot by Mott Hupfel.

Both the BBC and the New York Times reported that You was on track to have been viewed by 40 million accounts by the end of this month.

Directed by Marcos Siega, You centres on a Manhattan bookstore manager named Joe (Badgley) who becomes obsessed with a young woman who stops by his shop. He plumbs her social media channels. He follows her home. He begins reading her text messages. The series examines internet privacy and youth culture and the New Yorker called it “a scary, delicious snack of a show.”

The show was created by Greg (Riverdale, Arrow) Berlanti.

Recent short form work shot by Mott includes Ottro directed by Hank Perlman (Hungry Man) – he also shot the documentary feature Eating Animals, recently released and produced by Natalie Portman.