This weekend the LGBT+ community celebrate: #Pride 07.07.2018

Cinematographer Molly Manning Walker shot this year’s emotive film that highlights the struggle as well as the celebration that LGBT+ people go through each day… the statistics speak for themselves and in their truth remain unbelievable… Pride


1 in 3 of LGBT+ people have been verbally abused because of who they are…

1 in 5 of LGBT+ people are not out to their family…

Almost half of LGBT+ people in London have experienced hate crime…


Costumes were designed by Hannah Hopkins.

Pride is a celebration of love that in many parts of the UK and the world attracts hate from those unable to accept the LGBT+ community… thankfully each year this small minded and discriminatory attitude diminishes more and more and this important piece of work directed by Billy Boyd Cape is an important tool to break down barriers.

Tomorrow, at 11:40, shortly before the Pride Parade commences, the spot will play on Piccadilly’s screens… Love ultimately cancels out hate, but there’s still a long way to go.

Celebrate Pride, but remember it’s importance and support its message throughout the year, for every community.