Director of Photography

Theo began his career working on the floor as a runner, and then as a camera assistant on 16mm documentaries and a variety of short form work, garnering on-set technical experience as a Loader / Focus Puller before ultimately progressing to shooting short form / commercial work as a Cinematographer. Directors include Tom Kingsley, Jim Gilchrist, Ringan Ledwidge, and Tim & Joe. He shot a one-off Skins Special for director Owen Harris and short films include The Odds directed by Paloma Baeza and God’s Wounds directed by Wayne Holloway.



MISFITS (Series 3, 2nd Unit DP)
Prod. Quite Funny Films
Dir. Owen Trevor

THE ODDS (2008)
Dir. Paloma Baeza

SKINS (2007 – E4 10 minute ‘party’ special)
Prod. Company Films
Dir. Owen Harris

Prod. Restless Films/RSA
Dir. Wayne Holloway




Sainsbury’s: Baby Banquet dir Tim & Joe – APA Collection 2018
F.A.C.E dir James Haworth – BTAA 2011 Gold Winner: Charity

Barnados dir Ringan Ledwidge – APA Show


SELECTED COMMERCIALS 2015 / 2016 / 2017 / 2018

Vauxhall Agile Simon Willows
Asda Moxie Neil Gorringe
Boots RSA Shynola
Sainsbury's Valentines Outsider Chris Balmond
Vauxhall Agile Simon Willows
Haribo Quiet Storm The Queen
Samsung Outsider Chris Balmond
Vauxhall Knucklehead Tony Barry
Philips Friend Tim & Joe
Viacom Tantrum Stephen Pipe
Amazon Partizan Giles Ripley
John West Outsider Chris Balmond
Ella's Kitchen Partizan Valerie Pearson
Warburtons Partizan Giles Ripley
Sainsbury's: Baby Banquet Friend Tim & Joe
Warburtons Partizan Giles Ripley
Asda Canada Pensacola
Top Gear BBC Colin Gregg
Aldi Outsider Chris Balmond
Aldi Christmas Outsider Jim Gilchrist
Capital One Outsider Chris Balmond
Kronenberg Smuggler Neil Harris
UKTV Play UKTV Scott Russell
Walkers Outsider Chris Balmond
Whittakers Chocolate Soft Target Pete Burger
Laughing Cow Outsider Henry Littlechild
Actimel Outsider Jim Gilchrist
Birds Eye Hungry Man David Kerr
Hellmans 2am Jason Lowe
Experian Outsider Peter King
Dove RSA Shynola
Gillette Outsider Chris Balmond
Waitrose Blink Matt Russell
Lloyds Home Insurance Hoi Polloi Jamie & Jamie
Lidl You Are Here Marc Ingham
EDF Blink Tom Kingsley
Allianz Sweet Shop Miki Fuelzr
Libero Outsider Jim Gilchrist
Royal British Legion B-Reel Neil Huxley
Smyths Outsider Henry Littlechild
OVO B-Reel Jesper Hiro
Colemans Smuggler Neil Harris
Philips Smuggler Neil Harris
Disney Outsider Henry Littlechild
Milky Bar Outsider Owen Harris
Waitrose Blink Matt Russell
Pik Knucklehead Ben Gregor
EDF Blink Tom Kingsley
Philadelphia Hungry Man Ric Cantor
Sainsbury's Outsider Henry Littlechild
Philadelphia Hungry Man Ric Cantor
The Voice BBC Chris Balmond
EE Hoi Polloi Blac Ionica
Avanti Mustard Simon Levine
ASDA 'Christmas' VCCP Lalli Jonsson
Lidl 'Christmas' Outsider Jim Gilchrist
Co-Op Knucklehead Finn McGough
McDonalds Smuggler Neil Harris
Alberto Balsam Rattling Stick Austen Humphries
McDonalds 2am Jason Lowe
Ford Outsider Owen Harris



Austen Humphries: Historic Scotland / Suzuki / Nokia / Santander
Ben Gregor: creditexpert.co.uk / Sunbites
Ben Sedley: KFC
Charlie Crane: Waitrose
Chris Balmond: 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy / BBC Literacy / EDF / Trollied
Colin Gregg: Koller
David Hartley: Comic Relief (Sainsbury’s) / Fisherman’s Friend
Helen Downing: KFC
James Howarth: Churchill / Thorpe Park / Toby Carvery
Jamie Rafn: MA
Jason Lowe: Carte D’Or
John Dower: BP / Honda / Nike
John Hollis: National Express
Jorn Haagen: Freesat
Joshua Neale: Sainsbury’s
Neil Harris: Argos / Carphone Warehouse / McDonald’s / Virgin
Ornette Spenceley: KFC
Ringan Ledwidge: Barnardos
Roenberg: Camelot / Goodyear
Samuel Abrahams: Mencap
Simon Green: Aviva
Stephen Pipe: National Apprentice
Steve Reeves: Dixons / Jaffa Cakes
Theo Delaney: Ladbrokes / Samsung
Thomas Leach: O2
Tony Barry: Birds Eye / McDonald’s
Volstok: Coca-Cola / Royal Mail




Adam Smith: Goldie Looking Chain / Chemical Brothers (visuals)
Alastair Siddons: Roots Manuva / The Kooks
Babanuki: Katie Melua
Ben Ib: Ali Love / Switches
Chris Beccles: Chemical Brothers