Last week saw the first ever In / Development event. This was an event that showcases behind-the-scenes talent within feature films, television, video games and commercials.


Production Designer Sean Hogan and Costume Designer Cynthia Lawrence John each discussed how they have progressed in their fields, along with their favourite parts of the job, how they got started and some challenges they have tackled along the way.


Sean Hogan talked about how he began working in production design for the feature film Gravity, and then started creating optical illusion sets for the Channel 4/Mitsubishi idents: ‘Changing Perceptions with Documentaries on 4’.  He then described how he went on to source sets on Bob Benedict’s reworked nursery rhyme feature film, Cock Robin, and finally how he overcame designing complex, to scale, moving sets for recent B&Q and Very commercials.


Cynthia Lawrence John spoke about how she started out as a Picture Editor for Hearst Magazines, and then as a style assistant at Dazed & Confused. Her main mantra being that she likes clothes that have been worn, had a life and a story – “I like people to wear the clothes, not the clothes to wear the people. Her main piece of advice as a costume designer is to “always be prepared” – you never know when you’re going to be asked for something completely different, last minute on set.


The event was set up by Ross Olivey, Ed Roberts-Graver and Nick Lewis who work at creative development studio, The Late Misters. The Late Misters help creative visions come to life by Screenwriting, Treatment Writing/Directors Interpretation, Visual Research, Mood Reels, Concept Art, Storyboards and Treatment Design. They have worked with brands such as BMW, Coca-Cola, Disney, Ford, Twitter and Yves Saint Laurent and production companies such as, Blink, Caviar, Friend, Knucklehead, Prettybird, Pulse, Smuggler and Iconoclast.