FLOWERS staring Olivia Colman and Anna Chancellor starts tonight on C4 with a double bill from 10pm and then every night until Friday’s finale!

Written by BAFTA nominated Will Sharpe, FLOWERS tells the story of an eccentric family (the ‘Flowers’), struggling to hold themselves together. Maurice (author of twisted children’s books ‘The Grubbs’) and Deborah are a husband and wife who are barely together but yet to divorce. As Maurice fights inner demons and dark secrets, Deborah tries to keep the family together at all costs and becomes increasingly suspicious that Maurice is in a secret homosexual relationship with his Japanese illustrator, Shun.





Opening the Festival
Directed by Ben Charles Edwards
21 April 2016 at 20:45 at NFT1 BFI Southbank
Cinematographer SERGIO DELGADO
Production Designer JAMES HATT
Costume Designer JEFFREY MICHAEL


The feature is nominated for the Loco Discovery Award and features an ensemble cast including Noel Fielding, David Hoyle, Sally Phillips, Morgana Robinson and Sadie Frost, with the two leads played by Max Bennett & Michael Winder.

This is the UK premiere and the feature debut of visionary director Ben Charles Edwards. With echoes of Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Terry Gilliam, and “brimming with visual invention… [and] terrific fantasy conceits” (The Hollywood Reporter), SET THE THAMES ON FIRE received its world premiere at Palm Springs Int’l Film Festival 2016.

SERGIO DELGADO has recently wrapped on POLDARK II & has shot a number of Spanish features previously… he lives in the UK.

This is JAMES HATT‘s debut feature film, having previously designed many shorts including, most recently, DREAMLANDS directed by Sara Dunlop.

Costume Designer JEFFREY MICHAEL has recently joined the roster, and this is also his feature debut having worked on a number of short film and commercial projects with director Ben Charles Edwards, including WILL NATURE MAKE A MAN OF ME YET (also designed by JAMES HATT) for Sadie Frost’s brand Frost French.


Closing the Festival
Directed by Max McGill
1 May 2016  at 18:30 at Picturehouse Central
Cinematographer MATTIAS NYBERG
Production Designer SARAH JENNESON


Myanna Buring plays Melody Munroe, an intelligent corporate spy on a mission to save her home from rapacious developers. The script explores the London housing market, ‘clickbait culture’ & celebrity chefs and is the feature debut from director Max McGill.

This is MATTIAS NYBERG‘s fifth feature, & follows on from the critical success of SUPERBOB directed by Jon Drever which won the Loco Discovery Award in 2015.

It is the feature debut for Production Designer SARAH JENNESON, who has designed TV drama as well as short films.



Wizzo & Co are delighted to announce the addition of Costume Designer JEFFREY MICHAEL to the roster.

JEFFREY designed the dystopian fantasy feature film SET THE THAMES ON FIRE directed by visionary filmmaker Ben Charles Edwards which premiered at Palm Spring International Film Festival. Set in the distant future, SET THE THAMES ON FIRE features lurid East London characters played by NOEL FIELDING, SALLY PHILIPS and co producer SADIE FROST.

JEFFREY regularly works with Ben Charles Edwards, most recently on his fashion led commercial for FROST FRENCH (Blonde to Black Pictures).

He has also designed 1970s period short TO THE GRAVE (Esther Hegarty) and PRESENT (Joe Ballarini) featuring Sophie Kennedy Clark.

JEFFREY is a new member of BAFTA CREW.

For enquiries please contact Lucy or Lee at Wizzo.

Dorita.Pedro_Martin_Calero_Julius_Caesar_Directors_Credits_ProRes_422 (9)

In a dystopian near-future, Brutus (Mark Stanley, Game of Thrones) and his co-conspirators plot Caesar’s demise in the second of The British Council’s series of Films for Shakespeare Lives 2016. Pedro Martin-Calero directs the contemporary re-imaginings of Shakespeare’s most beloved works, in a global programme that celebrates William Shakespeare on the 400th anniversary of this death.

Costume Designer GRACE SNELL created a custom made shirt and collar with red detailing to symbolise blood for Brutus and his accomplices. Caesar’s costume draws from 1970s influences, and a gold laurel brooch provides a subtle nod to Caesar’s iconic wreath from the original story.

To fit in with the stylized costume, slick hair and minimal make up were used by Hair & Make Up Designer DORITA NISSEN. Side burn pieces were added to Caesar by DORITA and her team to further emphasize the 1970s styling.

GRACE and DORITA have previously worked together on Ballantine’s Whiskey directed by Thomas Hilland at Partizan and O2 directed by Fred Rowson at Colonel Blimp.

For enquiries regarding GRACE and DORITA please contact Lucy at Wizzo & Co.


Fresh from wrapping feature MUM’S LIST directed by Niall Johnson VICKI RUSSELL has returned to the commercial scene to design costumes for Bonne Maman directed by Andy Lambert (76) Malteasers directed by Clay Weiner (Biscuit Filmworks) and Budweiser directed by The Bobbsey Twins (Blink).

The Budweiser commercial is part of an advertising campaign urging non professional footballers to post their #DreamGoal videos in competition to be crowned winner of Dream Goal 2016. The champion will get their goal analysed on TV by Jamie Carragher, Redknapp and Chamberlin plus win a £50k Budweiser Club Futures grant for their club.

The commercial shows the footballer’s dedicated wife withstanding wind, rain and snow taking photos in the hope he will score a dream goal.

VICKI adds Budweiser to her show reel, which also includes Quality St & SMA directed by Joanna Bailey and Milk Tray directed by Steve Bendelack.

For enquiries please contact Lucy or Lee at Wizzo.


We are overjoyed to announce that Production Designer Caroline Steiner has joined the roster.

Caroline designed the feature SVENGALI (2013) directed by John Hardwick and starring Martin Freeman, which was nominated for the prestigious Michael Powell Award at the Edinburgh Int’l Film Festival 2013. In 2015 she wrapped the feature FIRSTBORN, directed by Nirpal Bhogal, a psychological horror starring Antonia Thomas and Luke Norris. Prior to this she worked on many award winning short films, including THE GLOWING HOURS directed by Paul Young and A DOLL’S LIFE directed by Natalia Andreadis, which picked up the Silver Palm Award at the Mexico Int’l Film Festival.

Caroline is currently working on pre-design for the feature AFTER LOUISE, directed by David & Danny Scheinmann.

Caroline Steiner | FEATURED | WEBSITE